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Hoarder’s Cats Left to Suffer and Die

A PETA undercover investigation found sick cats left to suffer and die in deplorable living conditions at Sacred Vision Animal Sanctuary. Help save cats!

Celebrate a Vegan Mardi Gras

Make your Mardi Gras celebrations cruelty-free and fun with our irresistible vegan king cake recipe and more. Start cooking!

Help Animals With Every Swipe

Sign up today to donate your “loose change” to PETA. Hurry—for two days only, will donate $10 for every new PETA sign-up! Get started.

Civil Rights Leaders’ Words Ring True

Leaders of the human rights movement spoke out against social injustice. It’s time that we extended this consideration to nonhuman animals. Speak up!

Text PETA and Earn $1 for Animals

Now until the end of February, you can help PETA earn $1 just by signing up for PETA’s mobile alerts. A generous donor is giving $1 for every new sign-up—up to $5,000! Sign up today.

Celebrities Call for Safe Sex

Find out which stars are speaking out about animal birth control and learn why spaying and neutering animal companions saves lives. Read more.

Have a Heart, Don’t Buy Wool

Sheep are gentle and sensitive animals who are forced to endure mutilation and abuse in the cruel wool industry. Pledge to be wool-free today.

Adorable Vegan Babies (Photos)

Warning: outrageously cute photos! These tykes are living proof that a vegan diet is a healthy choice for people of all ages—even babies. See the photos.

Win Cruelty-Free, Vegan Makeup

Enter to win a beautifying gift set filled with cruelty-free brushes, lip tars, eye shadows, and nail lacquers from Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics. Enter today!

Give Up Your Birthday for Animals

Make your birthday extra special with PETA’s Change Makers! Create a personal fundraising page to save countless animals and earn your chance to win a PETA birthday prize. Get started.

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Golden Earth

Golden Earth was created by Elizabeth Golden to bring wellness to personal-care products and the people on our planet. Her sensitivity to scents, vibrations, and energy has helped her design some of the most delicate and pleasing essential oil blends. Golden Earth products are made with 100 percent pure therapeutic essential oils that are nourishing to the body, mind, and spirit and friendly to the planet.

Get the NEW Visa Card That Supports PETA With Every Purchase!

If you still have the old PETA Visa card (through the Bank of Omaha/Infibank, N.A.), it NO LONGER BENEFITS PETA! Learn about our new card and apply today! There’s no annual fee, and a $50 donation is made to PETA by the bank when you first use your card. PETA also receives ongoing donations of .3 percent when you continue using your card. Choose from five eye-catching card designs. You get a low introductory APR on purchases and no balance transfer fees for six months. Earn points at hundreds of participating online retailers redeemable for name-brand merchandise—event tickets, gift cards, and travel reward options.


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